Newsletter Issue #951: Recent Apple Gear Inspires the Critics

February 19th, 2018

The biggest issues with the media’s response about new Apple gear isn’t just Consumer Reports. True, the publications seems to have a penchant for inserting itself into the debate whenever something from Apple isn’t working as it’s supposed to do. The publication’s marketing team evidently realizes that any bad news about the company will get loads of hits.

So when the 2016 MacBook Pro delivered questionable battery life results, you can be sure that CR was ready to not recommend it in a preliminary review. But how many personal computers are even granted preliminary reviews?

It turned out that, yes, the problem was due to an obscure Apple bug. But it was only triggered when Safari was used in a special mode that was primarily meant for web developers. How that was supposed to represent an honest appraisal of its real battery life escapes me. Even when the problem was fixed, the results were still pretty funky compared to what other publications measured. So CR appears to reside in its own reality too.

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