Newsletter Issue #955: More Silliness About Apple’s Sales Potential

March 19th, 2018

One thing is certain: Apple’s critics and loads of alleged pundits and industry analysts got the iPhone X completely wrong. Even when the features were correctly described, there were incorrect inferences, or just plain fear-mongering about things that might happen but never did.

When it went on sale, the iPhone X was presumed to be an obvious failure from the very first day, but for different reasons. And don’t forget all those misleading claims about alleged Face ID privacy issues, even though it uses essentially the same technology in which to store biometric data as Touch ID — the secure enclave. But because of security concerns about Android smartphones, it was assumed that Apple must suffer from the same problems.

Even though it took up to several years for Apple to create Face ID, it was assumed to be a last-minute move because Touch ID couldn’t be embedded beneath an OLED display. Why? Because Samsung couldn’t do it and blah-blah-blah! But even if Apple has devised a way, they have switched to Face ID now, and you’ll see that feature appear on other iPhones and even iPads going forward.

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