Newsletter Issue #960: Using an ISP’s Router: Not So Fast!

April 23rd, 2018

As most of you know, Apple hasn’t updated its AirPort routers in five years. Even though development has reportedly ceased, there have been occasional firmware updates, and the aging products are still being sold by Apple for the same prices. Perhaps the company feels that the technology hasn’t changed all that much. Most new routers merely refine existing technology, except for those so-called “mesh” gadgets designed to provide better coverage by using multiple devices in a larger home or business.

A quick visit to your local consumer electronics store will reveal a decent selection ranging from the inexpensive to the costlier models that promise better coverage and speed. Unfortunately, the specs don’t reveal much to the prospective purchaser, and they aren’t always as easy to set up as they should be. This is where the AirPort excelled.

The ones I’ve tried recently come with a setup assistant designed to configure the unit to your system. Some offer default network names and tough passwords; others don’t consider password security, which means they are easy to guess unless changed.

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