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Newsletter Issue #963: Yet Another Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple

Having used Apple gear for over 30 years, I realize there’s no such thing as perfection. Different models had different glitches that sometimes required extending the warranty to cover repairs.

That didn’t happen with such models as the Macintosh IIcx, the first personal computer that I brought into my home, after using Macs at the office for a few years. But floppy drive failures were frequent, because it appeared that the cooling system drew in the dust rather than push it away. I remember the office admin, Adam, took on the task of repairing Macs, with my help, and he constantly complained about the poor design.

My IIcx never developed any problems, or maybe our home wasn’t a dust magnet. Regardless, the first Mac I owned that exhibited a product defect was my PowerBook 5300ce, the first model with a PowerPC CPU. It was expensive, late to market due to an early battery defect, and a source of constant annoyance.

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