What is a BF Bot Manager?

September 12th, 2019

If you are into the world of betting for quite some time now, you must have heard about Betfair. It is an amazing addition to online gambling companies and provides the largest online betting exchange in the world. Lots and lots of gamblers and bettors are using Betfair to gain daily profits. But the recent technological advancements in the universe of gambling have brought about a revolution to placing bets and earning profits online. The whole process is now automatic and you just need to use a good automation service to get your task done.

BF Bot Manager is one popular Betfair automation program that can help you place bets automatically whenever there is a potential offer on Betfair. Although there are other great online betting companies like BetWinner where you can make use of Bot manager but as Betfair is the largest one, it is most widely used there.

There are certain things that you need to know before using the BF bot manager. Firstly, it is an online application that is only used for bots and automation. Secondly, the sole focus of BF bot manager is on the software for automated trading rules. So let us get to know about it in detail.

What is BF Bot Manager?

Rade Jaramaz is the developer of this online application known as the BF Bot Manager. It is an online betting application that allows you to place bets on bookmakers like Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq, etc. As you all know that placing manual bets is such a waste of time and if you don’t act quickly when the offers appear on your screen, you might lose a chance of earning great profits. That is why this Betfair bot manager is quite impressive. It has the ability to skyrocket your profits on Betfair as it cuts short the time you spent on placing manual bets and trades. Moreover, you can get the ticket-based help whenever you are in need and the app also offers free updates for lifetime making it much easy to use and upgrade. Plus, the application is fully customizable.

A number of tasks that the bot manager can perform include placing and canceling of bets, straight betting, trading through a ladder display, etc. However, the most prominent feature of this bot manager is creating custom bots for your personalized Betfair trading.

Versions of BF Bot Manager

It has two versions available i.e. V2 and V3. V2 allows you to upload your selected bot and help you to stack your selected bot into the administrative structure and start betting. However, the V3 version allows you to make techniques to define the rules for the bot to place bets. You can use ladder and grid controls as well. This helps you to employ unlimited strategies at once.

Basically, it gives you the facility to create your own customized bot for placing bets according to your needs. If you are unable to do that, there are readymade bots available just for you.

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