Working of a BF Bot Manager for Betfair

September 12th, 2019

Betfair is one of the most popular online gambling platforms where you can place bets and get the most profits out of it. But placing manual bets at any gambling platform be it Betfair or any other betting site is quite tough. You have to be extra vigilant to grab all the good offers that you get to earn more profits. Even if you are a little bit slow you might lose all the amazing and beneficial offers which you can’t afford at any cost. So what you can do to overcome this problem?

Well, technology is playing a part in almost every walk of life and betting is not an exception. Now we have the feature of automatic betting making use of bots that helps you place automatic bets whenever a new useful offer appears. BF Bot Manager is one such application that helps you place automatic bets or trades. In the previous article, I have introduced BF bot manager that you can use with Betfair. Today I am going to describe the working of BF bot manager. You can also check for additional news about betting and bookmakers with similar bots.

Working of BF Bot Manager

Basically, the BF bot manager gives you the facility to create your own custom bot to place bets on Betfair. But, if you are unable to create your own bot, you can use the readymade one offered by the application itself.

If you are a beginner with BF bot manager, then you probably don’t know how to use this amazing application. Simply think of this bot manager as RPG where you have the option of customizing your own character before actually starting the game. You can give it various features that can further help you out in playing the game. You can think of BF bot manager as pretty much the same way but it is a betting version. The only difference is that you don’t have to make it manually, rather, request the bot manager team to create it for you.

Features of V2 Bot Manager

As described in the previous article, the BF bot manager has two versions namely V2 and V3. They both offer unique functionality to the bettors and traders. Following is the list of features of V2 bot manager:

  • Manual grid management
  • Horse racing or trading bot
  • Access to unlimited computers
  • Access to the forum of the private chamber
  • Lay or back betting bot
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Email support
  • Bookmarking and Dutching
  • Facility of customization
  • Guide and video tutorials

Features of V3 Bot Manager

V3 is an updated version that allows you to create different strategies based on the set rules and conditions. Below are listed the features of V3 bot manager:

  • Betting on your personal favorite offer
  • Trading out rules and closing or hedging bets
  • Import and export
  • Useful staking plans
  • Football statistics
  • Single standard principles
  • Automatic filtration facility helping you to select the markets of your choice
  • Details of horse racing

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