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    I suspect that I am the only member of these forums that considers themselves an "audiophile" (besides our esteemed host, that is) or even much cares about high fidelity audio reproduction in the home. I will admit that, as far as a "hobby" goes, it's expensive, time consuming and generally lacks the over-all "glamor" of it's closest cousin - audio/video (home theater). None the less, it is a well established "non-populist" hobby that is (thankfully) still alive and (hopefully) well. I have always considered myself fortunate to be able to discern between "good" sound and "spectacular" sound (which is part of what being an audiophile is) and being able to truly appreciate the mostly indescribable thrill and pleasure associated with closing my eyes while listening to well recorded, immaculately reproduced audio over a carefully chosen and assembled audio system, and feeling transported to the actual space in which the performance took place. When this happens to a person, audiophiles can be born. It happened to me as a boy around the age of seven or eight, and I've been hooked ever since.

    That is why I wish to publicly thank Gene Steinberg for interviewing audio legend Bob Carver. It is innovators like Carver that drive an entire industry to achieve ever greater goals in terms of performance and value. All audiophiles are indebted to him and his "can do" attitude, whether they've purchased any of his products over the years or not. By being true to himself, he has managed to influence an entire industry. He is a true "mover and shaker," and I salute him.
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    I enjoyed the little anecdote recounting a roundtable involving Bob, Steve Jobs and Isaac Asimov. Only Asimov had an inkling about the real future of home audio, such as it is. I haven't found an independent reference, though, as to when it happened. Anyone?
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