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Discussion in 'Talk About the Show' started by Richard, May 18, 2012.

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    In the last episode, you mention that you still have about 100 CDs that have to be encoded at some point. That reminded me on when I learned to *LOVE* iTunes: it is PERFECT for this purpose! You put all your CDs on one side of the Desk, the current encoding-CD in the middle and the encoded on the right. Then every time you are near your Mac, you just change the CDs and iTunes takes care of everything else. Within a few days, you have your CDs on Harddisk (and in Match)

    There is lots of stuff wrong with iTunes but ripping CDs is superbly done. (And of course managing music is waaay better than the file-based system I had when using Windows+Winamp)
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    It's just a matter of lethargy, or having so many other things to do that I never get around to just putting all the CDs in a big box, take them to the office/studio room and get to work. It'll happen before optical drives disappear -- :)

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