How You Can Help The Tech Night Owl Have a Happy Holiday

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    At this time most of you are planning gifts for friends, family and perhaps coworkers.

    Please don't forget The Tech Night Owl LIVE.

    If you are a listener to the free show and chafe at the commercial content, consider subscribing to The Tech Nigh tOwl+, our premium service. We offer the ad-free version of The Tech Night Owl LIVE, with 41 minutes of commercial content cut. There's also a chat room with more to come.

    Check Introducing Tech Night Owl+ | The Tech Night Owl LIVE — Your Ultimate Tech Radio Resource for more information on how to sign up. Subscriptions are just $5 per month, $50 per year.

    If you prefer to listen to free radio and hear The Tech Night Ow; LIVE on a local station, consider calling them up and telling them you appreciate the programming choice. If you hear an ad about a product or service that interests you, tell them you heard their announcement on The Tech Night Owl LIVE. We have a few ad partners that would appreciate knowing that you're listening.

    Happy a happy holiday — everyone!

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