Important Advice on Getting More Stations to Carry The Tech Night Owl LIVE

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    From GCN's executive producer:

    Well other than doing what I am doing on my end, your best bet is hitting up stations that maybe are looking for filler, late night on the weekends. If their late night local show becomes a bust, they’ll need something to fill that gap quick.

    Other than cold calling and doing guess work, your going to want to follow stations lineups and get a good relationship going with thoseProgram Directors. I’m having better luck with independently owned stations. The large market stations are pretty much killing off showsand leasing their air time, which will eventually kill off their stations. It’s best to get in good with the old timers that actually have control overwhat they get to air.

    It’s not easy and takes time.

    But hard work does pay off.

    Staying fresh in their minds seems to help.

    In short, we need you listeners to contact your local talk stations and suggest The Paracast and The Tech Night Owl LIVE. Or volunteer to help us with marketing. We keep after these people, the show will benefit.
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