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iPhoto printing available

Discussion in 'Mac Software Discussions' started by Jose Collado, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Jose Collado

    Jose Collado Guest

    Apple is offering some great products...now they're offering printed products like books, calendars etc right from your iPhoto gallery in Australia....finally. Is this available in the US?

    Not a bad idea! It's good to see this is now available. Something that has been a practical solution for a little while in printing...now officially available via iPhoto

    I wonder how it will all go with the RGB 72dpi images on the CMYK printers. Although the res won't be an issue I guess. There would have to be some sort of Variable data DTP app in place for the conversion. I'm also guessing this will be done on HP Indigo presses. Damnit...I need to know. Not only do I need to know how it's done on the back end...but how the front end user is applied to the process with a click of a button.

    I'm going to order a book and see what the end result is. I can do it cheaper on the Indigo around the corner but this doesn't include foil...which is a capability of the Indigo press.

    Even though this isn't entirely cost effective for someone like me, it's a great service for normal people who have no print production experience. Great for mums and dads etc. I need to see the final result to be sold on it 100%...I'm a print geek. I tend to pick printed articles up and feel the stock...hold it at different angles...check out the printing quality...and all the while my girlfriend will be giving me a dirty look wondering what the hell I'm doing.

    In many ways, digital printing is the cancer in the printing industry...but I admit, print on demand, when done correctly, is awesome.
  2. Jose Collado

    Jose Collado Guest

    Ugh...I just remembered how much of a typography nazi I can be. I don't think I can send away for a book that I have zero control over in regard to fonts and typography. Fingers crossed...I'm ordering one this weekend.
  3. Jose Collado

    Jose Collado Guest

    Got some quotes from several printers. I'm doing the artwork, finished art, imposition, colour profiling...well...everything. Basicly, all these guys need to do is press print, cut and bind.

    HP Indigo option....too expensive
    Xerox....I hate their quality and also too expensive

    I'll order a book, check out the quality of print, binding and stock. If it's decent quality & printing (hoping for Indigo...if it's print on demand with foil...then most likely Indigo) then Apple are on a winner.

    I'm a print nazi...I'll pull this thing to pieces if I have to.
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