Kirk McElhearn has flawed logic on Future Mac and iPhone Sales

Discussion in 'Talk About the Show' started by Ivan Marshall, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Recently,Kirk said that Mac Sales,especially in Education,would be continue to decline,due to increased Chromebook sales to Schools and Education Customers,and due to Companies wanting cheaper Computers and Laptops. He also said that iPhone sales would never be the same as when the iPhone 6/6S and 6S/6S Plus. Did this logic hold up when nearly everyone (90%) of the Country/World were using Windows PC's? Wasn't nearly everybody using Windows and Microsoft Office,because that's what was being used at School and at Work? Mac Desktops (iMacs) and Laptops arte conspicuously displayed nearly in all walks of life,even displayed prominently on Newscasts and high-profile Broadcasts,not even bothering to hide the Apple logo,many times! If the pattern of using Windows PC's,Laptops,and minimal use of Tablets,was nearly Worldwide,why didn't this heavy,historical trend continue? New ideas,and patterns will continue to develop,and will cause disruption in the future,just as it did with Palm,Windows,Windows CE,Blackberry,and Microsoft Office!! The previous patterns did not last,but Apple has 90% of the Smartphone profits,and a commanding lead in the Tablet market,so exactly why should Apple chase the other companies that are fighting over the last 10% of the remaining profits? Apple has the money to force it's way into other markets,(Cars?),develop and/or refine products,technologies,or just buy into markets such as Beats and possibly Netflix. Apple also has Millions of satisfied Customers,who most likely will buy their next products,and is already deeply bought into its Ecosystem! I will NEVER buy an Android Smartphone,Android Tablet,Windows PC,or PC Laptop!! I use other brands,and like many of them,but with their shortcomings and inferior design,I would Never spend my Money on those Apple-competitors!! As an Apple Customer,I am by no means alone in my feelings. I can and have used many other Brands,but Apple is by far the easiest to use,and the most elegant! Not many Companies can say that!
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    Thanks for your message.

    Unfortunately, school systems are seriously constrained by budgets. You have many states in the U.S. run by governors who believe that, by cutting taxes, business will magically improve. But it doesn't work that way; never did, even when Reagan touted this voodoo economics concept. At the end of the day, the deficits grow, and localities have to make up the difference, if they can. If it's not a wealthy distinct, school system budgets are cut, and they have to focus on less. That's one reason why Chromebooks are doing well.

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