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    I think you do not like the Launchpad because you do not work "touch-centric": For me, the Launchpad is a really great tool to start Applications. Just do that "zoom out" gesture with you Hand. I have my "more than once a week Application" all on the first page and the next pages thematically ordered. That means, I get to start Applications very fast and they are out of sight if not needed. In the last show, you mention those people, who have 300 Icons on their Dock: that is not needed if the Apps are in the Launchpad.
    You do not have to like it, but there is at least one person out there, who really gets lots of use out of the launchpad :)
    And as I said earlier: IMHO the multitouch is the future or at least equal to the mouse (think of all the Laptops) so it makes sense, if iOS gets more touch-aware.

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