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Powerbook repair help?

Discussion in 'Mac Hardware Discussions' started by Gil Bavel, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Gil Bavel

    Gil Bavel Technology Novice

    Dec 27, 2008
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    Business Development Director
    Lawrence, KS
    Home Page:
    I need some help with a basic repair to my Powerbook which is beyond my simple hardware limitations.

    I have a Powerbook 1400cs that I upgraded with a NuPower G3 and maxxed out on RAM.

    The hard drive conked out a couple years ago, and I recently was able to procure another small one (smaller than the original) on eBay cheap after a long time of bidding and not being able to afford one.

    I took it into the shop that originally screwed it up and charged me for the pleasure; they since have implemented a "pay first, we screw it up later" policy that they didn't have before, so I'm unwilling to trust it to them becuase I have to pay them first and my initial experience was really unhappy. They erased the original hard drive without backing any of it up.

    Basically, I need the Powerbook to recognize the hard drive. When I put in an OS 9 CD, it boots up ok, but I can't install it, as the 1400cs is too old for that... but it's the first machine that took a WiFi card, and I've spent a lot of money fixing it and on upkeep over time, so if anyone has any ideas, or help for where I could send it for work, I'd be most grateful.

    Miscellany: I have an OS 8.5 disk, the 8.6 upgrade disc, and also the WiFi card and the Farallon network card I got for the machine that I'd be happy to include if to the repair tech if it's helpful. It was running OS 8.6 quite happily before the hard drive conked (it was the original one, and I bought the machine used).

    Thanks! :)
  2. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Forum Super Hero Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Writer, editor, talk show host
    Home Page:
    Gil, there are some online repair shops you might want to check out.

    One I know about is this one:

    TechRestore - Mac Laptop Repairs

    Let me know if it helps.

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