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recorded CD audio quality problem

Discussion in 'Mac Hardware Discussions' started by Dan Kurt, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Dan Kurt

    Dan Kurt Guest

    I have tried to make a CD audio to play in a CD player in an auto from a mp3 file but the resulting CD has too much background noise ( hiss, crackle ) to listen to comfortably.

    The same mp3 works fine on an ipod or iphone or listening on my Macintosh mini. It is just not working if I make an Audio CD of the file. I have tried recording the CD from the Mac mini as well as using TOAST 7 Titanium, v. 7.1.2 and a fire wire CD burner from LaCie. Toast has made audio CDs both in Audio CD and Enhanced Audio CD. All of the CDs of the Toast produced CDs had the background noise including one that was made from a mp3 file converted to AAC format. How can I clean up the Audio CD of the file.

    The mp3 file is of a Jean Shepherd radio show from 1972 titled Dublin Pub. It is a hoot. The 44+ minute file can be obtained from me if you e-mail me I will send it back to you by reply e-mail.

    If you don't know about Jean Shepherd check out this url: <http://www.flicklives.com>.

    Dan Kurt [dankurt@clearwir.net]
  2. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Forum Super Hero Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Writer, editor, talk show host
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    My feeling is that your problem is strictly related to the high frequency content. You'd have to filter the sound, perhaps with a high-pass filter of some sort. Since this is audio content, anything above 8 or 10K ought to be safely removed without bad effect.

    Some audio applications, such as Amadeus Pro, do a fine job with this sort of thing.

    Yes, I know who Jean Shepherd was. That ages me. :)

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