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Something in the Air?

Discussion in 'Mac Hardware Discussions' started by Frootloop, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Frootloop

    Frootloop Technology Advocate

    Sep 28, 2007
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    Home Page:
    Looprumors have a news article up about a tease that Apple appear to be spreading around RE "Something in the air".

    Some believe that this could indicate an Ultra Mobile type Device will be announced at Macworld - Would make for an interesting new toy for sure..... but it could be something else, perhaps a MacBalloon, an Apple Scented Air Freshner "iFresh" or prebooked space flights? :rolleyes:

    Guess we will find out in a few days ;)
  2. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Forum Super Hero Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Writer, editor, talk show host
    Home Page:
    Or built-in support for cell phone broadband connections too :)
  3. dbtrek

    dbtrek Technology Expert

    Jul 20, 2007
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    Or . . . it could be a super-skinny laptop. No, I mean really skinny! Like . . . totally thin. It's the wave of the future.

    Thank you Apple . . . for innovating such a skinny laptop. Now we can do things we never could before . . . like . . . lose our pc between our couch cushions!


  4. Jose Collado

    Jose Collado Guest

    I'm not a fan of the macbook air for some reason. The loss of the internal optical drive could become a major issue in some cases. Other than that personal issue...it's a good machine
  5. Jose Collado

    Jose Collado Guest

    One of the reps just got the MacBook Air. The SSD is a little slow but otherwise...whoa...it's thinner than I thought. TV must put some weight on this thing. I was almost afraid to touch it but it's really impressive. I prefer the standard MacBook Pro for a little more $$$ though

    Honestly, the benchmark comparison on the MacBook and the MacBook Air show the MacBook to be the better option.


    The price difference is a major issue. The MacBook Air seems to be fad hardware in my opinion.

    Wouldn't a Flash drive be a better option rather than the solid state drive they offer in the Air? I mean, reliability and lifespan of the SSD's aren't exactly a pro...more of a con. Unless there's something to the new SSD drive Apple are offering as opposed to what is already on the market. I'm not too familiar with either the Flash or SSD to actually say much. I'm still running a prehistoric SCSI RAID (Ahhhhh SCSI). Actually, I'd rather have the standard drive over Flash and SSD with the read/write speeds on some of the specs I've seen.

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