The Thirsty Lion 2018

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    Sagar This is the story of an unfortunate lion that happened to be thirsty on a hot summer day. Of course all of us know about the original thirsty lion aka the clever lion, the one that could not find water anywhere except in a pot that had a little water at the bottom. As is well known the clever lion thought up the stratagem of throwing pebbles into the pot which caused the water to rise. The lion not only quenched his thirst but became a legend possibly in his own life time and for all ages to come.
    This was of course long ago but there have always been lions in subsequent generations who could claim direct descent from this illustrious lion. One particular lion (the unfortunate lion that we are talking about!) from this clan faced a similar crisis as his famous ancestor had once faced. Water had become increasingly scarce over the ages. In fact wars had been fought over water and even drinking water was being sold at a premium by corporations who, in league with ruling politicians, had managed to buy exclusive rights to water. Although a major portion of the rain water was harvested by the corporations it could not be controlled fully because of technical difficulties. Most animals as well as humans without any means or influence (which of course puts them automatically in the category of animals!) depended on this rain water to quench their thirst. But of course it was illegal.

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