Vinyl Encodes With iTunes Match

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If you have vinyl records, would you be interested in encoding them to get pristine 256k files?

  1. Yes, if I already had the turntable and other hardware required.

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  2. Yes, I'd do it only if I knew iTunes Match would successfully match even my poor quality records.

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  3. No, it would take too much of my time- I'd rather buy my music again.

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  4. No, I don't like that music anymore...

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  1. Dan

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    I’ve considered buying my dad a new turn table for his old vinyl records so that he can encode them and take the music with him on his iPod. He has turned down the offer stating that a sizable number of his records are too worn to be worth the effort.

    My thoughts are that if I were to encode them for him, perhaps iTunes Match could take these static-laced tracks and replace them with the vaunted 256k versions available in the iTunes store. Since he owns the original media, I would think this would be a legitimate use, the same as a CD, but with more hassle. Do you know if any of your past or prospective interviewees have experience with this scenario? Does Apple’s ‘fingerprinting’ of tracks have any issues with exact track length or noise elements within tracks that would preclude this from working?
  2. Gene Steinberg

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    Sounds legitimate to me. You just need one of those special software packages to capture vinyl and import it into iTunes.

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