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    Gentle Reader,

    The other day, while driving a passenger via one of the ride-hailing services, I received a fake phone call from someone claiming to be our new webmaster. This was just the latest example of how the cyberbullies have attempted to stalk me.

    Worse, people known to me, including my sister-in-law, have also been singled out for harassment. She recently received a printout from a friend that contained a number of online messages attacking her husband, who actually died four years ago.

    The cyberbullies continue to try to stop people from sending donations, advertise on my radio shows, or even appear as guests.

    Can it get any worse?

    Meantime, my money situation is very much the same.

    The motel has to be paid by 11 AM each day. If I don’t pay, they add a $25 late fee, and they can still throw us out by noon.

    The storage facility is warning me that they will dispose of our furniture if they aren’t paid.

    Other bills are due.

    Until PayPal is solvent — and that will happen soon — here’s how you can help me today:

    If you have an iPhone and iOS 11 or later, you can use Apple Pay Cash. You’d send the payment via the Messages app to: [email protected]

    Otherwise, you can use Western Union or Moneygram. Walmart has a deal with Moneygram that offers a lower rate. You can send payments at your nearest Walmart store, or use the following link:


    Send it to Eugene Steinberg, Mesa, Arizona.

    For me to pick up the money, I’ll need a tracking number.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    If you have any questions about my living situation, please let me know.