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    Barbara and I have been stuck in a motel for over a month, paying for a few days at a time as cash is available. If I run out of cash, we have to leave, with no place to go.

    Some of the online stalkers claim I am deliberately getting myself evicted but they can’t explain why I’d subject myself and my wife to such stress. It’s a strange world out there.

    In the meantime, my search for a new home is at a standstill for the time being, because I’m not yet able to pay for a new place, including the move-in, and still cover the motel and other expenses.

    But I am working hard to boost income to cover all the extra expenses.

    Can you help?

    If you haven’t joined The Paracast+ and The Tech Night Owl LIVE+, please subscribe and help support my shows.

    Or you can send a donation to help me survive and get past this nightmare.

    If you can send a donation, please go to: https://www.paypal.com/Send-Money, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address, [email protected], and click or tap Next to continue the transaction.

    PayPal now has a way to do instant transfers to a bank account for a 1% fe, so it’s the best way to help.

    But I can also accept donations through Facebook Messenger and Apple Pay Cash via the Messages app. I’ve also established a Facebook fundraiser, but it takes at least 7 days for payment to be sent to my bank.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    I could also use some legal help to deal with the pack of online stalkers and criminals that continue to harass me.

    To receive regular updates about my personal situation, please sign up here: https://www.theparacast.com/lists/mail.cgi/list/gene/