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    DOWNLOAD — Free Version: On this week’s all-star episode, we feature prolific author Joe Kissell, who will discuss the third edition of “Take Control of Your Online Privacy.” You’ll hear hints and tips on ongoing threats, including the fallout from the decision by the U.S. Congress, signed by the President, to allow ISPs to sell your online history to third-party providers. Are there ways to protect yourself against this and other invasions of your privacy? Joe will also discuss another of his books, “Are Your Bits Flipped? Overcoming Tech Misconceptions.” He’ll talk about a few common day-to-day mistakes some people make.

    You’ll also hear a wide-ranging interview with prolific author Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, who will discuss Apple’s commitment to take heed of the needs of professional Mac users and build a new Mac Pro, offer an iMac with professional options, and perhaps a souped up Mac mini. In discussing the potential of self-driving vehicles, Bob mentions the safe driving features now available in many new cars, such as his Subaru Legacy. Bob will also talk about the steps he took to overcome his ADHD condition, and how he developed the advice he offers in his first self-published book, “Working Smarter for Mac Users,” which will also soon be available in a Windows version. Gene and Bob will also briefly discuss old-time radio.

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    Design the Mac I Want — Or…

    April 21st, 2017

    As Mac users — and would-be Mac users — wonder about what Apple is up to, speculation is starting to become more detailed about the next product refreshes. Indeed, it almost seems as if speculation about a new iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch edge-to-edge screen is no longer relevant. But the release of a single lower-cost iPad without much fanfare probably set those discussions aside for a while, even as we still don’t know what Apple plans next for its tablet lineup.

    While ongoing chatter about a future iPhone has been roughly consistent for a while, except for final specs — and evidently the placement of the fingerprint sensor if you can believe the reports — there hasn’t been an awful lot about the new Macs expected this year after the initial coverage of Apple’s roundtable with tech journalists. Some of that may be no doubt due to the fact that development hasn’t reached the point where final prototypes are being tested. Once that happens, I suppose there will be more detail on what to expect.

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    More Nonsense About the Samsung Galaxy S8

    April 20th, 2017

    As more and more early reviews appear about Samsung’s new flagship smartphones, my comments about overlooking its obvious flaws are confirmed. Reviewers are clearly knocked out by the quality of its “Infinity” AMOLED display, and it stands to reason that Samsung can pull it off. After all, some of the best flat panel TVs out there are made by Samsung, but the handset’s flaws are being given short shrift.

    That said, some of the reviews I read about its display are just plain dumb! So, for example, the fact that it has a higher resolution than an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus supposedly means that it delivers a better picture. But Retina is Retina, which means that smaller pixels won’t provide a visible improvement. What does appear to be true is that Samsung tends to follow the Windows “ClearType” scheme, which means that the edges of fonts appear to be sharper compared to an Apple product. This is because Apple uses text smoothing, which supposedly makes it more readable on an LCD display.

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    Falling for Samsung’s…Stuff

    April 19th, 2017

    As tech companies go, Samsung hasn’t had it so good overall of late. Its CEO, Jay Y. Lee, was arrested in February as part of the scandal that led to the decision to impeach South Korean President Park Geun-hye. When a corporate executive does things that help bring down a government, that’s big news. Huge.

    It certainly was a big story in Asia, and the departure of the President also had a fair amount of coverage throughout the rest of the world. But I doubt that many people outside of South Korea, even people who are fans of Samsung’s tech gear, know that its former leader was accused of being complicit in that scheme.

    As far as most customers in other countries are concerned, however, Samsung’s corporate issues are unimportant. There is some disagreement on whether the Galaxy Note 7 debacle has seriously impacted potential sales of new gear, however. It certainly has to count to the millions of people who had to turn them back because they were prone to overheat or flame on. Samsung had the opportunity to provide the proper degree of spin control, but that didn’t come until weeks after the Note 7 was discontinued.

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    The 2018 Mac Pro (???): Why is it Taking So Long?

    April 18th, 2017

    So if you take Apple at its word, the next Mac Pro is being developed as we speak, but it won’t arrive this year. That said, there has been some speculation it might not arrive next year either, but it’s not as if Apple would offer too many specifics.

    I will take Apple at its word that an all-new Mac Pro is forthcoming, but there are loads of unanswered questions, and plenty of room to speculate about what’s will come. But if you look at what little we know, that it’s going to be a “modular” computer that’s easy to upgrade, they appear to be describing something like the original cheese grater Mac Pro. But if Apple were to go that route, it would have been done long ago, and clearly there’s going to be a new direction.

    My feeling is that the new box will be sized somewhere between the 2013 model and the previous model, still compact but allowing for some level of internal expansion. So you could add multiple drives, more RAM than you can now, and perhaps expansion cards. How many is an open question mark, but Apple ought to consider what a typical user would require, while leaving plenty of external expansion ports for the edge cases.

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